Eco Friendly Cleaning

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Everyone wants to be GREEN!  In carpet cleaning being Green is most likely the most over used, abused, and confusing issues for most home owners and business managers.  As we learn more about the dangers of introducing harmful chemicals into our homes and businesses most people have been searching for a safe alternative for cleaning.  Unfortunately, many of our competitors have made efforts to confuse this issue of being GREEN. 

Winfrey ChemDry of Des Moines would like to help you understand the difference between being GREEN and being GREEN.

    • Being Green is not a chemical light switch that can be turned on and off because there can be chemical cross contamination.
      • “We can go Green, Just Ask”
    • There is no one that is Greener or the Greenest.
      • A company is either Green Certified or they are not.
    • Purchasing Green chemicals does not make a company Green Certified.
    • Wearing a green shirt or having a green tree on a van does not make a company green.
      • Only a valid certificate by the EPA can make a company Green Certified.
    • Pumping waste water out onto the street is not green.
      • This indicates the cleaning company is using way too much water.
    • The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has nothing to do with being Green.
      • Only the EPA certifies a company or a product as green certified.
    • Most carpet cleaners only use one or two products that are green certified.
      • The rest of the products they are using are generally some classification of poison.

Only Chem-Dry is Green Certified as a company.  We have over 12 products that are Green Certified.  In fact, many of our products we have been using for over 20 years have been Green – however the EPA has only been certifying products for the past 10 years or so.

We use Green Certified pre-sprays, cleaning solutions, spotters, urine removal products, upholstery cleaning products,  and even our carpet stain protectant is Green Certified.  In fact we are the ONLY carpet cleaning franchise that is Green Certified and Platinum Rated throughout the entire cleaning process.

With Chem-Dry you don’t have to ask for Green – we are GREEN!   We will gladly provide any MSDS or certificates to any of our customers upon request.

The name Chem-Dry came from the fact that Robert Harris (our founder) was a Chemist who wanted to clean with a superior Chemistry that also Dried much faster.  The Chem stands for Chemistry and the Dry speaks for itself.

Call us today and find out for yourself how Winfrey Chem-Dry of Des Moines can help you remove the harmful chemicals in your home or business.

ITC Corporation Hereby Certifies Assorted Chem-Dry products environmentally friendly