Our Family

Owners Matthew and Gretchen with their son standing next to Chem-Dry Work VanWe started Chem-Dry of Des Moines in March of 2005.  After spending several years in the business world we decided to make a change and build a small business for our family.

Matthew : ” I grew up in Colorado for most of my life.  My father was a partner in a commercial pump repair business.  Growing up I learned the value of working hard, fulfilling your promises to the customer, and delivering the very best every time.  I started my first business when I was 13 mowing lawns.  What started off as just 2 small yards for my Great Grandmother and her neighbor quickly grew to over 18 lawns every week.  I continued this business until I went to college in 1991.”

Gretchen : “I grew up in Southeast Iowa on a family owned farm.  My parents taught me the value of working hard, dedication, and how to manage in both the good times and the lean times.  I appreciate the strong values I learned growing up.  I also learned to take every day one step at a time because you never know what can change the very next day.”  Dry-Tech State of the Art Truck mounted CTS-450

It wasn’t until 2007 Matthew was able to leave his full time job and work full time for our Chem-Dry carpet cleaning business.  That was a HUGE and scary move for us since we had very little capital to begin with.  Even though is was more expensive we decided from day one we were going to commit to using Chem-Dry’s most powerful and effective cleaning system to date – the truck mounted CTS-450.  At the time we started our business in 2005 only about 10% of the franchises were running this system.  We continue to run this system even today.

As our family grew our business grew and we  became much more adept at handling the many different challenges with cleaning carpets.  Every home has a story and every job is unique!
In 2009, one day before the blizzard that year, we moved to Norwalk where we continue to live.  We moved our franchise from SE Iowa to Des Moines because there was a large demand for a Green Certified carpet cleaner and a carpet cleaner that would not leave the carpets soaked for days.  From 2009 until now we have exploded in business thanks to the superior Chem-Dry cleaning system and the Green Certified designation.  We have also included Tile and Grout cleaning,  Commercial Carpet Cleaning, and Air Duct Cleaning in the recent years.

However, no matter how large we grow we will always be a family owned and operated business that truly enjoys what we do.  We really have fun doing this job!  We enjoy building strong relationships with our customers, and we treat them all like friends.  It is a joy to come back to a house a year later and catch up on what has been going on, while cleaning the spots and issues in the home and we appreciate the hundreds of referrals we receive every year.

We don’t have a million dollar marketing budget, fancy paid celebrity endorsements, or 100 employees.  What we do have is the very best cleaning system in the world and the best service of anyone in the Des Moines or surrounding cities.  If you want a superior cleaning system that has been Green Certified since 2010, dries in just 3 to 4 hours, and has been rated # 1 in soil extraction then give us a call.  We are different, we are superior, we are Winfrey Chem-Dry of Des Moines.