Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is rather easy, you just need the proper equipment to do it.  Unless someone has dried plaster in their air ducts, I don’t know why you need “the most powerful system” to clean them.  Most air ducts are dirty with hair, dust, construction dust, and dead bugs.

Anyways, our customer was complaining that ever since they moved in her allergies were awful.  She was hoping a good air duct cleaning would help her breath in the home.

After removing just a few of the vent covers, it was pretty clear we were going to have a LOT to do.  In fact one of the pictures shows the wad of debris that completely filled the intake hose on one run.  I had to pull the hose back out, clean it all off, and finish the run.  It was easy to tell the head was clogged because the vacuum motor started to whine.
Finally, we were able to get all of the air ducts cleaned, as well as the main unit in about 2 hours.  She called later that night to say there was a fantastic difference she could feel in just a few minutes.  One thing I like about my job as a ChemDry owner is the fact that with carpet cleaning, urine removal, or air duct cleaning it is nice to know you are making life better for the home owner.20131219_153422-1024x768