Air Duct Cleaning has officially started!

After only 2 days of receiving the equipment from Texas, we have already done 3 major air duct cleanings in Des Moines and West Des Moines.  What I like most about our system is that we don’t have to punch a lot of holes in the duct work to clean it.  Our system uses a rotating brush that pushes itself into the duct work, removing the debris, and then vacuuming up the debris immediately.  It is very clean, quiet, and efficient.

I was amazed how much dust, hair, and junk was in the ducts.

As always, we will give an upfront price with no hidden fees.  And just like our carpet cleaning system we don’t have to destroy your home in order to clean it.

Other than a few nicked knuckles I am very pleased with the air duct cleaning we can now provide.


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